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...set off to a rip roaring start. It's a track bursting with glorious guitar parts that gets those fretboard fires raging early on. Following fast is the upbeat Saxon classic 'Everybody Up',...
(News/Latest News) tracks. The band will be on tour in the uk and Europe to promote the album. See ya - Dobby On the road with plenty ofBLOOD AND THUNDER Click the...
...quit to fulfil his contractual demands for Thunderhead. The album has now includes a bonus studio track never before released from the original 1996 recording sessions. MUSICIANS [[Graham_Oliver|Graham...
(News/Latest News)
...27TH  feb 2012, we start a world tour feb 2012 to promote "[[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]]".   "[[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]]" track list.   1. CHEMICAL ROMANCE 2. [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]]...
5. SAXON - Strong Arm Of The Law
(Media Resources/Original SAXON Video)
6q58XHxUBHs Some Text about the track here Strong Arm Of The Law (1980) Heavy Metal Thunder To Hell And Back Again Strong Arm Of The Law Taking Your Chances 20,000 Ft Hungry Years...
6. Interview with Graham and Steve
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
...[[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]]. [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]] Track list. Track 01. CHEMICAL ROMANCE Track 02. [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]] Track...
7. ODS - Everybody Up 2011
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
Bq5CaEy-9T4 Some Text about the track here Everybody Up 09.01.2011 live at The Rock Temple Kerkrade/NL ...
8. ODS - Motorcycle Man
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
SaYOfsKebVA Some Text about the track here Wheels Of Steel (1980) Motorcycle Man Stand Up And Be Counted 747 (Strangers In The Night) Wheels Of Steel Freeway Mad See The Light Shining...
9. ODS - Power And The Glory
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
pd9TXLhyTzE Some Text about the track here Power And The Glory Power And The Glory Redline Warrior Nightmare This Town Rocks Watching The Sky Midas Touch The Eagle Has Landed...
10. ODS - Rock N Roll Gypsy
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
bdBoTNSKyfM Some Text about the track here Innocense Is No Excuse (1985) Rockin' Again lyrics Call Of The Wild lyrics Back On The Streets lyrics Devil Rides Out lyrics Rock 'N'...
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