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...both [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]] helped shape the metal world we love with albums like 'Wheels Of Steel', 'Strong Arm Of The Law' and 'Crusader'....
Release date September 17th 2012 SON OF A BITCH Victim You (SJPCD394) Originally formed in 1974 SON OF A BITCH were led by guitarist [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and bassist [[Steve_Dawson|Steve...
3. New book coming soon
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COMING SOON SAXON Drugs and Rock and Roll
 - The Real Spinal Tap
 By [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]] 
 Foreword by Spinal Tap’s Derek...
4. Interview with Graham and Steve
(Media Resources/Oliver-DawsonSAXON Video)
NoM6kf50um4 And now we see [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]], [[Steve_Dawson|Steve (Dobby) Dawson]], [[Nigel_Durham|Nigel Durham]] (3 SAXON artists) with [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|Haydn Conway]] and...
5. Interview with Graham and Steve
(Media Resources/Original SAXON Video)
NoM6kf50um4 Some Text about the album here [[Oliver/Dawson_Saxon|MOTORBIKER]] (2012) Track list needed
6. MOTORBIKER - The new Heavy Metal album.
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...a recording studio in South Wales. They had already composed the music earlier in South Yorkshire. The rehearsal room belonged to [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]]. It was handy for the band that Dobby...
7. SAXON & Heavy Metal
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...era when [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]] toured the pubs and clubs in the North of England as [[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|Son Of A Bitch]] ([[Graham_Oliver#Son_of_a_Bitch|SOB]])....
8. Returns Policy
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...Dawson Saxon]] (Graham & Steve) ...
9. New Album Out Soon
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  Released - 27TH FEBRUARY 2012 [Heavy Metal Music]. REGISTER NOW and Click on Album Cover to sample NEW Album South Yorkshire UK, [[Graham_Oliver|Graham Oliver]] and [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]]'s...
10. SonOfaBitch 1995
(Media Resources/Band Favourite Videos) late 1976 just at the time of the punk rock explosion. [[Steve_Dawson|Steve Dawson]] called on [[Biff_Byford|Peter Byford]] (who then played bass guitar with a band called 'Coast') to join his...
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